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8 tips for a beautiful and memorable wedding video

What makes your wedding video beautiful and memorable? In my 6 years of experience, I have accumulated a few tricks that help wedding videos turn from a glimpse of the day into something completely magical. And this magic lies in the details, as well as in good cooperation between the videographer, the couple, and the wedding photographer.

Following these 10 tips, you will be able to trust with peace of mind that your wedding video will be really impressive and memorable.

1. Turn off artificial lighting

Choose natural lighting whenever possible. Morning glory looks best in daylight, next to a large window. Why is that? Artificial lighting often creates an orange skin tone, as well as unflattering shadows. Your photographer will surely agree that natural lighting will not only look better, but also allow you to get artistic shots.

2. Choose the right room

Adding to the first point, I would like to mention that not only lighting is important, but also the environment. For the morning preparation process, choose rooms with natural light and make sure that they are properly decorated and the background is free of anything superfluous, such as different bags, bags, discarded pieces of clothing and the like. It is also important that you place yourself in the center of attention. Yes, I agree, it might be a little confusing at first, but I promise it's worth it. Videos and pictures will look wonderful.

3. Rain of petals

In recent years, a shower of petals has become more and more popular, where guests shower you both after the ceremony. It is not only beautiful, but also environmentally friendly. The bigger the petals, the slower and more graceful they will land.

4. Golden hour photoshoot

If possible, schedule a photo/video session in the moment while the sun is setting, while the light is warm and beautiful. This moment goes by quickly, so be sure to check what time the sunset is planned and schedule a small meeting with the video operator and photographer an hour before it. Although you'll already feel tired and relaxed in the evening, I promise it's worth it to let the videographer and photographer "torture" you a little more.

5. Let the day unfold

During the photoshoot, both the photographer and the wedding videographer will ask you both to hug, kiss and pose with each other. Although it's easier said than done, try to forget about the cameras. Put your full trust in your videographer and photographer and remember that our shared goal is to create beautiful and magical memories and we will definitely not make you look bad or awkward. I have noticed that people look their best when they are free and feeling good.

6. Take your time

When you go to your groom during the ceremony, remember not to rush. This is an important moment that we will not be able to stage and repeat again. To be able to catch this moment in the wedding film and photos, go to the altar slowly.

Don't rush the first kiss during the ceremony either. It often happens that the couple is a little nervous and the first kiss is more like the first little kiss. This is understandable, but in order for the videographer and photographer to capture it, try to count to 3 in your head during the kiss.

7. If you are planning a surprise or an important event, tell your wedding videographer about it in advance

Unfortunately, we cannot be everywhere at once. If you want something important captured, let your wedding videographer know. It is possible that at the moment when your grandmother makes an emotional toast, your cameraman is engrossed in filming the scenery and does not notice it. In case your guides or friends are planning a surprise, ask them to tell the videographer and photographer. I promise that we will definitely not talk about this surprise!

8. Enjoy your day!

The takeaway from the couples I've met over the years is that it's important to make the day exactly how you want it to be. Don't do it for parents or grandparents. Sure, it's cool to incorporate some tradition and carry the new wife over the bridge, but it's definitely not necessary to cross seven bridges, drive through 5 names, steal the bride, and throw a bouquet for a happy marriage. Prioritize the activities you really want. If you want to leave by motorboat or plane - definitely do it! If you want a quiet and peaceful ceremony and a solid party with live music - go! If you don't want to throw the bouquet and want to keep it for yourself - great! How much you will enjoy your wedding will be very visible in both the video and the pictures. Remember, this is a day about you!

Have a peaceful and successful wedding planning!


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