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Kristiāna literally read our wishes and thoughts about what kind of wedding film we wanted. We have 2 wonderful and beautiful videos that will serve as great memories of our big day!

Evija & Girts

Kāzu video
Par mani
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European wedding videographer, capturing love stories in beautiful wedding films

Hello there!

Hello, I'm Kristiana, and my passion lies in genuine love stories.

I hold a deep appreciation for the trust that each couple places in me, and I'm genuinely thrilled to be a part of your special day.

My approach is to embrace the day as it unfolds, capturing moments in their most natural and emotionally raw form.

I'm here to help you relive your most beautiful "I do's" time and time again. Sixty moments of everlasting happiness captured, and many more to go!


Let's chat!

To reserve your wedding date, shoot me a message!

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